Yan Pei-Ming - Tigers and Vultures

Exhibition from June 26 to September 26, 2021 at the Lambert Collection and in the Grande Chapelle of the Palais des Papes in Avignon.

In the exhibition presented at the Lambert Collection, the figures of Innocent X, Paul III, Bruce Lee, Che Guevara, Marilyn, Martin Luther King, Lee Harvey Oswald, John F. Kennedy or Mao, share the rooms on the ground floor. - floor of the 18th century Mansion with the portraits of men and women - American soldiers, illegals and Sudanese children, prostitutes, unknown faces, father and mother of the artist -, as well as with imaginary landscapes of exodus or representations of wild animals, tigers and vultures.

For the Grande Chapelle of the Palais des Papes, the artist has produced three monumental works that test all the dramaturgy of the complex history of the presence of the popes in Avignon in the Middle Ages and resonate with the world as we live it today. hui.
On the west wall is a Self-portrait in three people. In the center, the artist is folded up and meditating in his white cassock on an armchair-throne that could be that of Pope Innocent X, when on each side he is shown in everyday dress, such as in himself. , looking dubious, or fierce, or bad - we don't really know. Installed above the altar, a crucifixion incorporates its portrait with the figure of the suffering Christ, whose drooping gaze ultimately draws the viewer down onto the south wall of the great chapel and the immense landscape of the populated Exodus. bats which are strikingly reminiscent of these bestiaries of the Middle Ages at the same time as it summons with a crash the history of the great migrations.

General curator: Henri Loyrette.
Associate curators: Dominique Vingtain, curator of the Palais des Papes, and Stéphane Ibars, deputy artistic director of the Lambert Collection.


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