Yan Pei-Ming The Crying Man

At the Museum of Fine Arts of Dijon. From 17 May to 23 September 2019.

Born in 1960 in Shanghai, Yan Pei-Ming enters the National School of Art (Ensa) of Dijon in 1981. It is in Burgundy that he will make decisive meetings for his career - especially those of Xavier Douroux and Franck Gautherot, the founders of the Consortium, and Fabian Stech, doctor of philosophy and art critic.

Composed of fifty works, the exhibition The Crying Man unfolds throughout the new Museum of Fine Arts in Dijon and highlights a contemporary painter major international career. Like a diary, this exhibition explores the emotions and revolt felt by the artist in the face of the brutality of the world and his pain in the face of intimate and family dramas. The exhibition pays homage to his recently deceased mother, Xavier Douroux and Fabian Stech, and illuminates the very personal vision of a man wounded by the violence of life and who continues to fight.


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