Yan Pei-Ming: The Crying Man. Visit of the exhibition at the Dijon Museum of Fine Arts

The exhibition of some fifty works by Yan Pei-Ming at the Dijon Museum of Fine Arts testifies to the local roots of this artist, a graduate of the art school of this city and who offers on this occasion a reinterpretation of the mourners from the tombs of the Dukes of Burgundy. It is also the opportunity to discover a large set of paintings by the Chinese artist living in France, the most famous internationally. His work, marked by the refusal to abandon painting, the taste for monumental formats and strong expressiveness, has thus been presented in many places around the world, foremost among which is the Maeght Foundation, the Louvre, the Vienna Belvedere Museum and the San Francisco Art Institue.

The exhibition will be visited by Mael Bellec, curator of the Chinese Arts Department of the Cernuschi Museum, followed by a free museum and city tour. This free visit is likely to be replaced by a meeting with the artist, currently being negotiated.


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