Xie Zhiguang (1900-1976), Landscape

Xie Zhiguang 謝之光's early creations present two distinct facets. First of all, they belong to the genres of classical painting revisited by the masters of the Shanghai school. But they also consist of a large number of advertisements, illustrations for calendars and magazine covers quite characteristic of the Chinese urban culture of the interwar period.

This division between two types of production persisted after 1949. Xie Zhiguang was thus the author of many posters and inks produced in a Maoist style, while signing classic subjects inherited from old painting, with a remarkable freedom of treatment, evidenced by this landscape dating from the 1970s.


Xie Zhiguang (1900-1976)
Landscape, 1970s
Ink and colors on paper
96,3x35,9 inch
CM 2004-25

Gift of Lotus Mahé through the Society of Friends of the Cernuschi Museum, 2004

Photo credit :

© Xie Zhiguang © Paris Museums / Cernuschi Museum


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