Birthday trip to Japan

From November 24 to December 06, 2023

The Society of Friends of the Cernuschi Museum is pleased to present the trip to celebrate its centenary, which has been postponed to 2023 due to the pandemic. We chose Japan, a country that Henri Cernuschi was particularly fond of.

Obeying the desire to explore new places, far from the classic circuits offered to the general public, the program was developed with the valuable assistance of Manuela Moscatiello, head of the Japanese collections at the Cernuschi Museum.

It was produced with the assistance of Jacques Lozac'h, who had organized the association's two previous trips to the Land of the Rising Sun. Scheduled in the fall, period of the splendor of the maples, from November 24 to December 6, 2023, it will take place under the guidance of Manuella Moscatiello and will include the presence of a French-speaking guide.



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