Bang Hai Ja Workshop Tour

Bang Hai Ja Workshop Tour.

Thanks to Mael Bellec, chief curator at the Cernuschi Museum, the Friends were able to visit Bang Hai Ja's studio and immerse themselves in his art.

This painter of Korean origin, which is the object of a hanging at the museum, received us with great kindness and simplicity. It is always a remarkable experience to penetrate into the intimacy of an artist, but it was even more moving to see this lady, small and seemingly fragile, explain her background and methods of work with great humility.

Bang Hai Ja in his studio.

Demonstration of the crumpling of the paper.

Application of color on crumpled paper.

Apply another color on the back of the paper.

From an artistic background, Bang Hai Ja experienced the chaotic period of the Korean War. Destined for a literary career, she will change direction thanks to her art teacher who encouraged her to paint. She arrived in Paris in 1961 and took classes in mural painting at the École des Beaux-Arts. She told us that she wanted to know all the techniques in order to have a great choice to transcribe her emotions.
An experience from her childhood influenced her throughout her career: sitting by a stream, she had been fascinated by the changing reflections of light on the water and had dreamed of painting that light. This love of light permeates all his work and, for Bang Hai Ja, light is life, love and hope, it shines but can also be seen with the eyes of the heart. Seen as the principle of the universe, it must indeed spring from the heart of works.

Works in the workshop.

Dance of light (summer). 2018. Natural pigments on mulberry paper. Gift of the artist at the museum Cernuschi.

Light, birth of light. Scale model for Chartres. Enamels on glass. Coll. Special.

This great artist explained to us her way of working: she only uses natural pigments that she applies on a Korean mulberry paper. She begins by crumpling this paper (both very absorbent and very resistant) in different ways depending on the desired effect; she then applies the colors in layering layers and even uses the underside of the sheet to create more depth.
The realization of stained glass for the chapter house of Chartres Cathedral crowns a lifetime of research.
His works shine with light as it shines with intense inner brilliance.


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