Waves of Renewal - Modern Japanese Prints 1900-1960

The 19 December 2918, conference visit at the Custodia Foundation / Frits Lugt Collection. 121 rue de Lille 75007 Paris.
Waves of Renewal - Modern Japanese Prints 1900-1960.

This exhibition is an exceptional opportunity to discover, for one of the very first times in France, the creations of artists witnesses of the modernization of Japan of XXe century. She will explore the interest of artistic currents shin hanga et sōsaku hanga through more than 200 works of about fifty artists.
The prints are from Nihon Museum No Hanga in Amsterdam, which brings together the collection that Elise Wessels has built during the last 25 years. The prints that are preserved offer an exhaustive overview of Japanese artistic creation in the XXe century. The entire collection is a promised donation to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam in a few years.



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