Painting and ceramics in dialogue

Around the Chinese and Japanese collections bequeathed by Harley Preston.

From April 14 to July 30, 2023

In 2018, Harley Preston, art historian and collector, bequeathed nearly 200 objects to the Cernuschi Museum. Among other centers of interest, such as European drawing or the art of the fan, he had built up a collection of Asian art mainly devoted to Chinese ceramics from the Song dynasty (960-1279), Chinese ceramics painting of the Mingei movement as well as Chinese painting of the XXe century.

To pay homage to Harley Preston, to her open-mindedness and her curiosity for different forms of art, this exhibition has freed itself from the historical framework that usually governs museum presentations to adopt the point of view of the collector. Thus the dialogue between ceramics and paintings offered by the Cernuschi museum brings together, on the one hand, Song ceramics and XNUMXth century painting.e century for China, and, on the other hand, Nihonga painting and Mingei ceramics for Japan.

Other recent acquisitions complete this major contribution to the enrichment of the museum's collections, such as the Shin-hanga prints from the Paul Tavernier bequest or the magnificent series of paintings representing the twelve months of Watanabe Seitei, acquired by the City of Paris for support the renovation of the permanent collections route inaugurated in 2020.

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