Japanese Landscapes from Hokusai to Hasui

On Wednesday 27 September 2017 at 11H00, at MNAAG

Conference visit : Japanese landscapes of Hokusai in Hasui by Sylvie Ahmadian.

Through a hundred Japanese prints from the collection of the national collection, including the famous Hokusai Great Wave (Under the wave off Kanagawa, Kanagawa oki namiura), the MNAAG will invite to a dazzling journey, that of the contemplation of the landscape in its full blooming. Panoramic and impressionistic visions that exalt the passage of the seasons and the famous places of Japan, urban visions and descriptions of poetic itineraries at the beginning of the Edo period, or genre and intimist scenes in the art of the great masters Hokusai and Hiroshige who have been able to renew the art of Ukiyo-e, this meditation exhibition will also feature newly acquired prints from the modern period, including those very graphic by Hasui Kawase. A veritable documentary palette full of finesse and subtle colors, the prints will cover a period of three centuries and show the reality of a geography and its territories. An ode to the divine dimension of the spectacle of nature in the respect of a fundamental harmony between its elements and that of the human being, where how dream and reality belong to the same vision. The exhibition will examine the notion of landscape in the print and will consider it in a more general context, that of homelessness and fascination for the city, as it will develop and be perpetuated during the XIIIth century. With the idea of ​​a poetic stroll, a gravitation around a city, which introduces the philosophical notion of passing time, it is a presentation as spatial as temporary that will be the naturalistic purpose.


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