Perfumes of China, the culture of incense at the time of the emperors

From 9 March to 26 August 2018

This exhibition on the unpublished topic offers a journey through Chinese civilization from the third century BCE until the nineteenth century. With a symbolism that is enriched over time, the fragrance can address many aspects of Chinese culture. From its significance in ritual practices to its association with the art of living of scholars, incense has indeed aroused a wealth of artistic and literary productions.
From perfume burners to incense tables, the history of perfume in China allows to tackle the most brilliant creations, and this through a wide variety of materials and mediums ranging from ceramics to lacquer, from painting to calligraphy .
The exhibition will present in particular a set of paintings signed by big names, like Chen Hongshou or Qiu Ying, featuring beautiful ladies, hermits and scholars in their relationship to the incense, that it is associated with the toilet, the meditation or ritual.


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