Oscar Oiwa - Transphere 6 - Rio, Tokyo, Paris: Cities, Games - With Makiko Tanaka and Camille Fontaine

From September 18 to 14 December 2019 to The House of Culture of Japan in Paris, 101 bis, Quai Branly - 75015 Paris.

Rio, Tokyo, Paris: Oscar Oiwa, Brazilian artist of Japanese origin, draws from these three Olympic cities to which he is personally bound, a matter to question the world of today. With his latest creations, he invites us to dive into his half-realistic mid-fantasy universe, where sometimes point humor and nostalgia. The exhibition also gives the floor to two artists residing in Paris, on the same theme: the Japanese Makiko Tanaka and the French Camille Fontaine. The works of these three artists, rich in their approaches and their own looks, evoke in a very personal way the three great Olympic metropolises recently concerned.

The exhibition will bring together drawings and paintings dedicated to 3 host cities of the Olympics, specially made by Oscar Oiwa for this event. The artist has so far enjoyed a great international career that he had to continue in Paris, at the dawn of hosting the 2024 Games. While a retrospective was organized this summer at Kanazawa's 21st-century Museum of Contemporary Art, the MCJP's exhibition will be held at the same time as the presentation of an installation by the artist at the Hangar Brussels art.

Oiwa's works represent, from an aerial point of view, various events or transformations of the environment that threaten humanity (wars, terrorism, global warming, etc.), and allegorically show cities confined to chaos. and a nature that should be a place of healing. For his exhibition at the MCJP, Oscar Oiwa will present three new huge monochrome drawings of 6,7 meters long, as well as paintings where we perceive the metaphors of the three Olympic cities.


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