Mai-Thu (1906-1980), echo of a dreamed Vietnam

From June to 16 24 2021 October

Musée des Ursulines, 5 rue de la Préfecture. 71000 Mâcon
Such. : 03 85 39 90 38

This exceptional exhibition is organized from June 16 to October 24, 2021 at the Ursuline Museum in Mâcon in partnership with the Cernuschi Museum, and with the support and participation of Madame Mai Lan Phuong, daughter of the artist. The vast majority of the works presented have never been shown to the public.

Mai-Thu (1906-1980), pioneer of modern Vietnamese art and master of silk painting, stayed in Mâcon from 1940 to 1941. This year, the Musée des Ursulines is devoting an exhibition to him which is the first retrospective ever dedicated to him. at his work.

The course will unfold in three stages: the youth of Mai-Thu in Vietnam (1906-1937), his stay in Mâcon from 1940 to 1942 when his style underwent a radical change, then his career as a painter in France (1938-1980) .

A composition from the Vietnamese collections of the Cernuschi Museum, "Bathing" (1962), will be one of a set of more than 140 original works by the artist. Oils on canvas, paintings on silk, drawings, photographs and lithographs will be exhibited, testifying to the variety of his creations.

The opportunity to discover a personal style, imbued with poetry, where line and color are used in scenes inspired by traditional Vietnamese life.


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