Summer 2022 at the Cernuschi Museum will be in the colors of Vietnam!

Along with the presentation of newly restored Vietnamese ceramics in the permanent collections, don't miss the hanging Impressions of Cochinchina, in the Painting room of the museum.

This new hanging in the Painting room will invite visitors to discover a selection of original watercolors and printed plates from the school of Gia Định, as part of our " vietnamese summer“, from June 14 to October 2, 2022.

THEschool of Gia Định, founded in 1913 not far from Saigon, is one of the first art schools established by the French in Indochina. In the 1930s, Vietnamese students at the school took part in a large-scale project, the Indochina drawn monograph, composed of 750 plates drawn in the open air then transposed into lithography. A selection of original watercolors and printed plates illustrates scenes of everyday life, temples and famous sites in South Vietnam, combining artistic quality and ethnographic interest.

Đao Văn Côn – buffaloes grazing among the tombs around 1933-1935. Watercolor and pencil on paper.©paris_musees/Musee Cernuschi

Nguyễn Văn Trung – mandarin tomb in Gia Định around 1933-1935. Watercolor on paper.©paris_musees/Musee Cernuschi



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Chen Zhen (1955-1999), Dialogue (detail), 1999.