Beijing Opera, Jingju Theater Company of Beijing Co. at the Théâtre de la Ville from 21 to 24 October 2015.
Chinese epic where musics, lyrics, dances and acrobatics intertwine.
It is a moment of history inscribed in the Chinese cultural tradition that the Jingju Theater Company of Beijing, one of the most recognized among those of Peking Opera, has put in its repertoire. Music, songs and lyrics, dances, acrobatics intertwine and are the essence of Peking Opera's art.
In the XNUMXth century AD, the territory of the Song dynasty was invaded by barbarians from the west. Head of the family and general of the army, Yang Zongbao leads his troops into battle. He is killed by an arrow, while at home, his XNUMX-year-old grandmother is preparing to celebrate her birthday. So, at the head of the women of the family, she will avenge him, train the troops and continue the fight. Until the victory ... And we remain fascinated as much as moved by the visual splendor, by the virtuosity of the performers, their ease, their grace.


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