Black and Matter: Korean Monochromes

THEcontemporary korean art is now best known in Europe thanks to the vogue of dansaekhwa, abstract art which took off in the 1970s. Although this movement, whose name means "monochrome painting", is far from covering the diversity of artistic expressions in Korea, it has become the symbol of a propensity for purity. and to the taste of the material actually widespread among many Korean painters. This tendency has even become a recognizable identity trait among many expatriate artists in France, including Yoon Hee, Lee Bae, Lee Jinwoo et Yoo Hye Sook.

These also have the characteristic of having opted for the black and white, which introduces a relationship between motif and background similar to that observed in calligraphy. Despite the upheavals in Korea's visual culture and its relationship to classical culture, this discipline, emblematic of a certain tradition, continues to irrigate the imaginations of artists.

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