The Asia dreamed of by Yves Saint Laurent

The Asia dreamed of by Yves Saint Laurent Conference visit at the Yves Saint Laurent museum.

Imaginary journeys

« All I need is a picture book for my mind to merge into a place, or a landscape […] I don't feel any need to go there. I dreamed about it so much ... " Yves Saint Laurent

Thanks to his "imaginary journeys" or "immobile", Yves Saint Laurent delivered, throughout his collections, a dream vision of distant lands, tinged with knowledge drawn from both his readings and a direct approach to the objects of art. The couturier immersed himself in the heart of local customs, explored the folklore, diverted clichés to offer a sublime representation of clothing traditions. Among its "exoticism", Asia occupies a special place that punctuates all its work.

Aurélie Samuel Curator of the heritage Director of the collections of the Yves Saint Laurent Museum Paris and curator of the exhibition


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