Art in exile – Hàm Nghi, Prince of Annam (1871-1944)

March 19 26 in June 2022 at the Departmental Museum of Asian Arts in Nice.

The departmental museum of Asian arts in Nice presents an unprecedented exhibition on Hàm Nghi (1871-1944), the "Prince of Annam", the first Vietnamese artist trained by French painters and sculptors. Deposed of his title of emperor and forced into exile in Algiers the year of his eighteenth birthday, Hàm Nghi led there all his life an intense activity as an artist. He stayed regularly in France, where he rubbed shoulders with intellectual and artistic circles.
His work was strongly influenced by Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Paul Gauguin, Auguste Rodin.
This exhibition brings together for the first time more than 150 works, objects and documents from private collections and Parisian museums, recounting pages of history and art history unknown to the French public.
It is based on the work of Amandine Dabat, curator of the exhibition, author of a doctoral thesis defended in 2015 and published in 2019, on the life and artistic production of Hàm Nghi of which she is the back -great-granddaughter.


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