Love, War, Party - Wonders of Japanese Narrative Art

At the Rietberg Museum - The Arts of the World in Zurich. Gablerstrasse 15. 8002 Zurich. Swiss.

Until December 5, 2021

Japanese narrative art combines the pleasures of art and everyday life in an absolutely unique way. It comes in many forms and in the most diverse materials - from miniature album sheets to panels unfolding in space, exquisite little boxes in black lacquered wood and gold leaf decoration. with carefully crafted porcelain vases and elegant silk kimonos.

It is a genre specific to Japanese art, characterized by its multimediality. He draws his inspiration from Buddhism, literature and poetry, but also theater, to create visual universes of an overflowing imagination from the most varied materials. Quotes and allusions to epics, love stories and legends will spread even further through their refined interpretations in engravings or paintings as well as on handicrafts, and will eventually become embedded in the consciousness. collective. A fascinating multimedia narrative space was born, which combined artistic pleasure and education, while being integrated into everyday life.

Based on more than 100 paintings, lacquer objects, porcelains, silk kimonos, metal objects, colored prints or albums of woodcuts, dating from the XNUMXth to the XNUMXth century, the exhibition introduces us to a world of multiple facets, vividly colorful and inventive, that of Japanese narrative art.

The precious loans come from 35 different European museums and private collections from Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden , Hungary and Russia. Some works from the Rietberg Museum's own funds will be exhibited in the context of Japanese narrative art for the first time.


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