The Baur Foundation, Museum of Far Eastern Arts: identity and influence

SAMC x AFAO. Wednesday May 11 at 18 p.m. – Conference in the auditorium of the Cernuschi museum

Conference by Anne Schwartz, Director of the Baur Foundation – Museum of Far Eastern Arts (Geneva).

Inheriting the precious collections of Alfred Baur (1865-1951), the Baur Foundation opened its doors to the public in Geneva in 1964 and has since occupied a prominent place among museums dedicated to Asian art. The only museum institution in Switzerland exclusively devoted to the arts of the Far East, it reflects, as much by the exceptional quality of the works presented, ceramics, lacquers, jades and textiles, as by the elegant private mansion which houses them, the taste and the demands of an avid collector. Returning to what makes the richness and characteristics of this museum, we will see how it has evolved over time and what strategies have been put in place to ensure its influence.



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