The Animal Conference

From January 24 25 2023 March

The Maison de la culture du Japon in Paris is presenting this small exhibition which brings together some thirty posters created by great graphic designers and masters of Japanese design, from the 1970s to the present day. These striking representations of real or imagined animals – among which are iconic posters – resonate strangely with the serious environmental problems we face.

The title chosen for this exhibition – “The Animal Conference” – is that of the masterpiece of the German writer and poet Erich Kästner. This novel tells the story of animals from all over the world whose anger and sense of justice lead them to revolt in order to create a world without war for children. It is a virulent criticism of society from animals confronted with the stupidity of humans who persist in waging war and constantly destroying the environment. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is another example. In this story, Kästner shows us that animals, to whom humans cause so much trouble, are nevertheless more determined than humans. The MCJP exhibition presents 32 posters of 19 famous graphic designers, art directors and artists from Japan who, too, would like to create "a future where humans and animals would live in symbiosis", this wish expressed in "The Animal Conference" of Kastner. In their graphic messages from Japan, these creators express in the form of animal motifs their awareness of the state of crisis as well as the problems linked to life on Earth, the environment, wars and culture. The techniques used are of great diversity, from photography to painting, including illustration, etc. Thus, this exhibition is also an opportunity to admire the richness and originality of graphic design in Japan.


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