Hibakusha - drawings of the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Until March 31, 2018 at the National Archives, 59 rue Guynemer. 93383 Pierrefitte-sur-Seine

For friends of the Maison de Kiso who have not yet seen this moving exhibition, a visit is planned on Saturday 24 march, from 14h.

Mr. Bernard Esmein will explain his exhibition to visitors who wish.

From 11h, projection (free) of the film  In a corner of this world, followed at 13 p.m. by a question-and-answer session and meeting with the director, Mr. Sunao Katabuchi, exceptionally in Paris for a few days.

To 16h, we can have a drink together.

In addition, a conference entitled "The ghost streets of Hiroshima, destruction, vestiges, reconstruction" will always be held at the National Archives, at the end of the exhibition, on wednesday 28 march, from 14h to 20h.


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