Flow - When manga tell

Rietberg Museum - The Arts of the World in Zurich. Gablerstrasse 15. 8002 Zurich Switzerland.

Until January 30, 2022.

From medieval narrative scrolls to pop culture - manga revisits tradition and explores new forms of storytelling, both in terms of composition and iconography. They tell age-old stories as if they were new. The manga-ists thus resort to techniques of layout and modern visual orientation. How does the reading of the image differ from conventional horizontal scrolls (emaki) - whether these manga are designed as a printed "comic" to flip through or as a webtoon to be viewed on the web? laptop screen?

For the exhibition, parts of a XNUMXth century emaki have been “mangaized”. Enlargements of manga pages that reinterpret the classic story of the Tale of Genji (Genji monogatari) complete the presentation.


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