Restoration of 10 studies by the painter Pu Quan

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These ten studies were acquired during the auction sale in 2017 of the Fritz van Briessen collection (1906-1987). This German journalist, stationed in China, becomes in 1944 the pupil of the painter Pu Quan (1913-1991), member of the imperial Qing family having benefited from a privileged access to the old collection of paintings of this last. These works in album format, made for educational purposes, allow you to understand from the inside the work and the processes of the painter, from the sketch of a composition to the application of colors. Fritz van Briessen later relied on the teaching received from Pu Quan to publish a manual in German and English, republished repeatedly and illustrated with sheets by his master, including several of the paintings held today by the Cernuschi museum.

Important milestones in the history of the popularization of Chinese painting in the West and formidable tools for understanding its techniques, these works are stuck on acidic papers, which can ultimately damage them irreparably. They must therefore be restored to be able to be presented to the public under optimal conditions of conservation.

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