Restoration of an album of Kunisada and Kuniyoshi prints

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It was most probably during his trip to Japan that Henri Cernuschi obtained several collections of Japanese prints. The album presented here, which is the subject of a restoration proposal, includes polychrome engravings produced by two masters of the Utagawa school: Kunisada (1786-1865) and Kuniyoshi (1797-1861). Formerly considered decadent artists, in recent decades Kunisada and Kuniyoshi have been featured in exhibitions such as those organized by the Bunkamura Museum in Tokyo (2016) and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (2017).

Long preserved in the museum's reserves, this album is part of an original collection whose state of conservation does not allow it to be exhibited. There are many alterations: folds, spots, loss of colors and even detachments and tears. A restoration work would not only allow the presentation of the prints of the album by rotation, but also the safeguarding of this historical heritage of the museum.

The cover print is the first to suffer from the ravages of time, whether by soiling or discoloration of pigments.

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