BEHIND THE GREAT WALL. Mongolia and China at the time of the first emperors.

From 23 October 2015 to 29 May 2016 at the Laténium, Archeology Park and Museum of Neuchâtel, Espace Paul Vouga. CH-2068 Hauterive

Au 3e century BC J.-C., the Xiongnu, horsemen of the steppes of Mongolia, are very warlike towards their neighbors of the south. To protect himself from the attacks of these formidable tribes, Qin Shi Huandi, first emperor of China, makes build in a record time a long fortification. At his death and for five centuries, Xiongnu and Han will continue to confront each other, sometimes engaging in deadly conflicts, sometimes proposing peace treaties and alliances. From this rivalry between a civilization turned towards nomadism and pastoralism in the north, and a sedentary and urban civilization, turned towards agriculture in the south, will assert two amazing worlds that each will know in their own way an artistic, technical and economic out of the ordinary. This era is marked by the construction of the Great Wall, the opening of the Silk Road, the rich aristocratic tombs and a particularly expressive and dynamic animal art.

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