Colors of contemporary China. A passion of collectors.

From 30 March to 18 June 2019.

Colors of contemporary China. A passion of collectors.  at the Saint Rémi Museum, 53 rue Simon. 51100 - Reims

When passion rhymes with collection!
Traditional Chinese culture and the contemporary world draw a composite mental landscape, tinged with a theatrical ideology ... The common passion of China animated by this couple of collectors offers a message, a story, an unexpected perspective constantly rebound, in dialogue permanent, looking for an idealized harmony ...
The exhibition "The Colors of Contemporary China. Passion of collectors. "Titled as well, brings together for the first time more 100 works covering the last 20 years of Chinese contemporary creation. On a large scale, spatial and temporal, the individual artistic portraits named or denounced over time silently cry the art of existing, of creating.
The chronological choice as well as the themes addressed by the exhibition - the individual, power, politics, symbols, tradition, liberation of the line - testify to the taste, vision and commitment of these artists. (Ai Weiwei, Liu Bolin, Lui Wei, Wang Du, Yue Minjun, Zhang Huan, Zhang Xiaogang, Zhou Tiehai, or more recently Qu Xu) just as well as those of these collectors.



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