From 20 May 2015 to 4 January 2016

Works of Yik-Yung Kim et Yeun-Kyung Kim.

This contemporary section emphasizes the creativity of two Korean artists, in the fields of ceramics and glass.

Yik-Yung KIM (born in 1935 in Chongjin and working in Seoul) is considered a major artist in her country, for making the link between cultural heritage and contemporary porcelain and sandstone creation, in the Korean tradition of Buncheong (white slip on simple forms decorated with traces of the brush and covered with a transparent and shiny enamel revealed during cooking).
The glass creations of Yeun-Kyung KIM (born in 1970 in Seoul, currently responsible for the glass workshop at ENSAD in Strasbourg) will be presented with her works of accumulating and compressing window glass from the 2000s, her glass sculptures as well as a recent installation on tables of blown shapes evoking black or transparent pot-bellied skins.


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