Sushi contest with tofu

Saturday 11 November 14h -18h to the House of Kiso

on the occasion of Children's Day (Shichi-go-san).

Rice, the most consumed cereal in the world, is placed in Japan under the protection of the Fox (Inari) revered in shrines, which gave its name to a specialty of vinegared rice wrapped in golden tofu like fox fur: this is the sushi said "Inari-san", good taste sweet and salty.


 14 hours          Harvesting rice : The rice replanted on June 25 in the Kiso rice field has come to heading                                           (cooperation of the French center of rice and the team of the Jardin d'Acclimatation).

Children will be able to participate in the harvest and carry a rice ear as a souvenir

15 hours           Contest de Inari-sushi  (tofu pancakes with aumônière)

Competitors will bring around 2 dozen tofu sushi.

The winners will be Inari sushi  the smallest and tastiest.

15 hours           Awards to 3 winners, by the jury: sets of crystal glasses, de Havilland porcelain cups, porcelain dessert plates ...

 16 hours          Presentation of the paper work "Amaterasu", by the artist Nobuko Murakami


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