SYMPOSIUM Neo-Japonism 1945 – 1975

Tuesday May 12 and Wednesday May 13 – Symposium at the College de France, Amphitheater Guillaume Budé

The conferences are free, open access, without prior registration.

Organized by Sophie Basch, professor at Sorbonne University, Michael Lucken, professor at Inalco, william marx et Jean-Noel Robert, professors at the College de France.

Japonisme upset the aesthetics of the XNUMXthe century. This Western passion for the arts of Japan continued in the interwar period with the extension of Japanology. But what remains of Japan's aesthetic influence after Hiroshima and Nagasaki? The reconstruction of its image often wipes the slate clean, voluntarily or through ignorance, of the multiple aspects of Japanism and the achievements of Japanology, just as the new formalisms remain dependent on the prejudices of the previous generation and contemporary ideologies of rupture. It is not a question of taking stock of the image of Japan in the West from 1945 to 1975, which has already been partially studied, but of seeing what remains, transformed, deformed, contested, evacuated, of Japanism of the XNUMXe century (of which Paris was the center), of its achievements and its prejudices, in these three decades.

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