Ce guerrier, brandissant une lance aujourd’hui disparue, est un fangxiangshi 方相氏 : un exorciste. Cette fonction aurait été instituée par le légendaire Empereur Jaune. Chargés des exorcismes [...]

Two apples

Qi Baishi is one of the most important Chinese painters of the 20th century. Coming from a working-class background in Hunan, he initially worked as a carpenter and trained in painting in large [...]


This gilded bronze bear with an expressive face is distinguished by its size, exceptional for a piece of ancient Chinese goldsmithery. If it is certainly a usual part, its [...]

magpie pillow

Under the Jin dynasty, founded by the Jurchens, the decorative repertoire of ceramics gave prominence to plant and animal motifs rendered with a certain realism. The painted decorations of [...]