2018: Lee Bae - From fire

2002 Charcoal and medium on canvas 175 x 140 cm Donated by the Antoni Laurent Foundation through the Society of Friends of the Cernuschi Museum.

2015: Antique chariot ornaments

  Bronze Zhou Western (9th-8th century BC) H. 10,9cm; L. 12,1 cm; P. 11,6 cm Former David David-Weill Collection Acquisition of the Cernuschi Museum with the support of the Friends of the [...]

2010: Wang Zhen (1867-1938)

Huaisu writing on a banana leaf Ink and colors on paper | H. 130 cm; L. 33,2 cm | Signed and dated 1922 ™ 2010-3. Gift of the Society of Friends of the Cernuschi Museum Male [...]

2015: Li Bai admiring a waterfall

2015: Li Bai admiring a waterfall. Yokoyama Taikan (1868-1958) Ink and mineral pigments on silk, to 1902 119 cm x 48 cm (with 215 mounting cm x 64 cm) Yokoyama Taikan, is the pseudonym of [...]

2013: Bronze vase

2013: Bronze vase. Takamura Toyochika (1890-1972) .TM 2013-3 Takamura Toyochika (1890-1972) was born in Tokyo. He belongs to a large family of artists. He is the 3èmefils of the very famous [...]

2012: Cherry Blossom

2012: Cherry Blossom. Okimono, Ink and Color on paper. Signed and dated 1803- Oda Shitsuhitsu (1779-1832), MC 2012-1 The work presented here appears remarkable in many respects, in [...]

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