Caricatures in the Far East

Conference at 18:00 p.m. by Marie LAUREILLARD, HDR lecturer in Chinese studies at Lumière Lyon 2 University and member of the East Asia Institute and the Center for the Study of Writing and Image, and Laurent BARIDON, professor of contemporary art history at Lumière Lyon 2 University, member of the Rhône-Alpes Historical Research Laboratory (UMR 5190).

Will a Japanese laugh at a French caricature? Will a German perceive all the subtleties of a Chinese cartoon? To try to answer these questions, nearly thirty French and foreign researchers embarked on an exploration of caricature in Eastern Asia – China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, etc. – through time and place. 'space.

While questioning the specificities of this art in East Asia, and not without looking at the satirical and caricatural cultures of this region of the world from before 1900, the work makes room for mirror effects with the image of Asia in Western caricature. Thus, we will find there both a study on “Caricature and civility in press cartoons in Japan (1877-1940)” and a “Satirical look at China in the Wilhelminian era (1888-1918)”, or detours through “The anti-Christian Chinese caricatures of Zhou Han (1842-1911)” and the Chinese works of Daumier.


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