CC C. Korean Contemporary Ceramics

From 17 June 2016 to 5 November 2016.

Bernardaud Corporate Foundation. 27, avenue Albert-Thomas, 87000 Limoges

On the occasion of the exhibition CC C. Contemporary Korean Ceramics, the Bernardaud Corporate Foundation presents fourteen Korean ceramists with eclectic creativity. A less known but exciting ceramic world is unveiled.

The year France-Korea 2015-2016 and the recent twinning of the cities of Icheon and Limoges underline the opportunity of this exhibition, on the initiative of the Bernardaud Foundation, which welcomes artists whose creation is inspired by a national tradition of ten thousand years. The rich Korean ceramic history is marked, successively, by celadons, buncheong with white slip and porcelains entitled “moon jars”. The artists presented open up new avenues, beyond traditional Korean aesthetics, reinterpreting heritage to fit into modernity, questioning the past to translate modern globalized society.

Hyeyoung CHO, curator of the exhibition, is internationally recognized for her work with contemporary Korean ceramists. The fourteen artists she has chosen present seventy works, never shown in France. Attentive to oriental as well as western expectations, these pieces, nourished by this double requirement, strive to find a common and current aesthetic denominator between the two cultures. The exhibition also includes paintings, photographs, video works and installations, which speak in their own way of contemporary Korean ceramics and reinforce, in the diversity of their practices, the general meaning of the event.

The Bernardaud Foundation hopes that on this occasion the French public will be able to enrich their knowledge and understanding of contemporary Korean culture.


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