Bang Hai Ja - And matter became light

Bang Hai Ja And the matter became light.

Hanging 18 January at 31 March 2019

After the exhibition "Lee Ungno: the man of the crowds" and the hanging "Park In-kyung, Lee Young-sé", the Cernuschi museum offers the public a selection of works representative of the work of Bang Hai Ja (born in 1937), from 1961, date of his arrival in Paris, to today. On the one hand, this artist has become one of the most memorable incarnations of the memory of these artistic exchanges between Korea and France. On the other hand, the duration of its stay in France and the attention it enjoys is accompanied by a few years of institutional recognition. It is besides the choice made by the State to entrust to him the realization of the stained glasses of the chapter house of the cathedral of Chartres which determined the contents of the present hanging intended to show how this order comes to crown decades of plastic researches and spiritual.


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