Bai Ming. Earth vibrations

We prefer to obey a precautionary principle and cancel this visit

Conference tour of the exhibition « Bai Ming. Earth vibrations« , under the leadership of Christine Shimizu, exhibition curator, general honorary heritage curator, honorary director of the Cernuschi museum, in Keramis - Center for Ceramics of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation - La Louvière.

Keramis presents the first exhibition in Belgium devoted to Bai Ming, a contemporary Chinese artist of international renown. Bai Ming was born in 1965 in Yugan, China, a hundred kilometers from the former imperial porcelain factories of Jingdezhen. In Chinese, Bai Ming means “white light,” a premonitory name for a porcelain artist, and this is precisely what shines through in the artist's ceramic and pictorial work. Renovator of Chinese ceramics of the 90s, Bai Ming transforms shapes and materials: utilitarian objects become sculptures in which evocative patterns in shimmering colors are deposited.


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