Baeksan, master ceramist

it's about the first presentation in France of works by Baeksan, whose status in Korea is equivalent to that of a " living national treasure“. Descending from a long line of ceramists rooted in the Joseon period (1392-1910), Baeksan, through his demanding work, was officially designated as belonging to the National Intangible Heritage by the Ministry of Culture of South Korea. This exceptional honor recognizes the excellence of Baeksan's works, while giving his know-how a heritage dimension: Baeksan indeed produces his works using the most traditional techniques, from the foot-operated lathe to the firing in a wood-fired oven..

The exhibition at the Cernuschi Museum offers a non-exhaustive overview of the techniques and motifs employed by Baeksan. The type sandstones buncheong, white porcelain, decorations painted with iron oxide or cobalt blue, floral or animal motifs are just a few elements of the vast repertoire implemented by the master. It is nevertheless an essential introduction to one of the major trends in contemporary ceramics in Korea: the reappropriation of productions and techniques of the past, their mastery and their continuation.

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