ASIA NOW - 7th edition

Visit of the art fair at 9, avenue Hoche - 75008 PARIS.

ASIA NOW celebrates its 7th edition during Contemporary Art Week in Paris.

Thanks to the artists, curators, collectors, institutions and galleries who make ASIA NOW an inspiring destination every year, we have chosen to invite our community to an awareness - under the particularly stimulating auspices of American anthropologist Anna L. Tsing - and to question the theme of Arts of Living in a Damaged World /The Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet

Awareness from the point of view of the stories, with carte blanche given to Nicolas Bourriaud, historian, art critic and independent curator, around the Chinese concept Shun, which means “to marry, to connect with the course of things”, in a Taoist acceptation of the world which does not oppose nature and culture. But what about this form of thought when nature becomes the image of the omnipresence of man? At the time of the capitalocene, Nicolas Bourriaud invites 11 artists to answer, each in their own way, to this question.

ASIA NOW also welcomes Kathy Alliou, director of the works department at the Beaux-Arts de Pairs, for the curator of the exhibition Making Worlds Exist, which brings together 9 visual artists, most of whom have gone through the Beaux-Arts in Paris and come from the Asian diaspora. It is inspired by the trajectory of the Matsutaké mushroom evoked by Anna Tsing, almost disappeared from the forests of Japan, and the vital alliances it recreates in the most devastated lands. The exhibition brings together works sometimes commissioned or revisited for the occasion.

In accordance with the latest government decisions in force concerning Covid-19, we will ask you to present your health pass or PCR test. 



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