Like every year, a few friends were able to come to this Asian contemporary art fair. For its sixth edition, India was invited with, in particular, the works of Remen Chopra W. Van Der Vaart.
Like every year, the fair hosted group and individual exhibitions proposed by the participating galleries, as well as special projects, including a series of off-site installations, artist video projections and a cycle of performances. and conversations. Mael Bellec had organized the fourth edition of Cernuschi Video Art on the subject "Natura Naturata". For its part, the MNAA-Guimet hosted two Indian artists as part of Asia now.

Imaginary landscapes: Shimla, Rawalpindi. 2020. Remen Chopra W. Van Der Vaart. Recycled wood. Gujral Foundation.

Geometrical Forms. 2020.Toshimasa Kikuchi. Cypress. Urushi lacquer. Gold and platinum leaves. Mingei Gallery.

Bamboo art from the Oita region. Mingei Gallery.

Alongside well-known names like Ma Desheng, Kim Tschang-Yeul, Young-Sé Lee, Li Chevalier, Toshimasa Kikuchi, emerging artists were presented by European and Asian galleries. Likewise, contemporary design was present and we could admire abstract bamboo works or the creations of a young group from Shanghai.

Figurative or abstract art, paintings, drawings, photographs or videos, sculptures or conceptual works, design, the whole range of the contemporary Asian art scene was represented.

With ASIA NOW, Asia is invited to Paris.

Brushstrokes. 2019. Li Bae. Charcoal ink on paper. Perrotin Gallery.

The Crossing XXIII. 2020. Bao Vuong. Oil on canvas. A2Z Art Gallery.

Waterdrop. 2017. Kim Tschang-Yeul. Oil on canvas. Almine Rech Gallery.



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