Du Saturday 17 October to Sunday 6 December 2015 takes place in Montigny-lès-Metz 57950, an exhibition devoted to contemporary Japanese ceramics and paintings.
The works of Takesada Matsutani, Setsuko Nagasawa et Yoshimi Futamura which are presented will give rise to a Christine Shimizu's lecture, Exhibition curator and Honorary General Curator of Heritage, le Saturday 5 December at 15h at Château de Courcelles.

The exhibition, proposed by Christine SHIMIZU, Honorary General Curator of Heritage, will confront the work of two ceramists, Setsuko NAGASAWA and Yoshimi FUTAMURA, and a Japanese painter Takesada MATSUTANI. These artists have been living in Paris for many years.
The exhibition aims to show through their work how Japanese artists appropriate ancestral techniques and "divert" materials that are nevertheless traditional, such as clay and ink, to create new forms of expression, abandoning the ancient words of ceramics dedicated to the tea ceremony or calligraphy.
The work of the painter Takesada MATSUTANI, which was part of the famous Gutai movement developed at the end of the 50 years, is dominated by the use of black ink. If his gesture and his control of the black remind the art of the calligrapher, his contrasting graphic of shadow and light is an ode to life and regeneration.


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