2015: Elements of adornment representing a bird.

jade pendant

Element of adornment representing a bird. recto

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Element of adornment representing a bird. Back

Jade (nephrite)
11th century BC
H. 13,6 cm; L. 4,5 cm
Former David David-Weill Collection
Acquisition of the Cernuschi Museum with the support of the Friends of the Cernuschi Museum
MC 2016-38

This jade ornament with a bird profile is representative of the material exhumed in the tombs of the end of the Shang period (to 1600-1050 BC). With its fine incised decoration that allows to detail the wings and the tail of the animal, it is close to the creations of this period, but is distinguished by the treatment of the hoopoe in the shape of double ax-dagger ge which evokes more the art of the time of the Zhou of the West (towards 1050 - 771 BC). By its large size and quality, this ornament denotes a princely origin. It was most likely part of an important chest ornament. These sets, mainly composed of jade, could also include elements in turquoise or carnelian. This piece is therefore one of the most important jades of this period preserved in the collections of the Cernuschi Museum. It also has a remarkable pedigree since it was published by Paul Pelliot, Osvald Siren, Georges Salles and Alfred Salmony.


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